Grooming People for Better Livelihood Centre aka Grooming Centre, a microfinance NGO, has donated N6.675m to Sesor in continuance of its support for displaced persons, with a special focus on empowering economically active displaced women.
Speaking at the MOU-signing and cheque presentation ceremony in Lagos on May 18, the CEO of Grooming Centre, Dr Godwin Nwabunka said; “We recognize the need to support our brothers and sisters displaced all over Nigeria who need sustainable livelihoods and all kinds of support and appreciate the multi-faceted approach Sesor has adopted to help the displaced rebuild their lives.”
Sesor’s ED, Ier Jonathan-Ichaver said; “We appreciate Grooming Centre for their long-standing support since 2014. They are a trailblazing partner, funding work to tackle displacement issues that many have refused to acknowledge. This MOU is currently our highest-value MOU and signifies Grooming Centre’s belief in our work and in Nigeria.  We look forward to doing even more to help the displaced persons we serve survive and build their lives back.”
In 2016, both NGOs partnered to provide micro-loans of N20,000 each to them in a 6-month pilot economic empowerment project supporting displaced women to start up micro-businesses in Lagos.  The pilot proved a success with 76% of the women paying the micro-loans fully by the due date. This new MOU doubles the loan amounts for the women who completed the first pilot; provides new loans of N30,000 each for 25 new participants in the Lagos project; funds a relief mission to Benue to support persons displaced by herdsmen attacks and; provides a grant to cover 10% of Sesor’s core operational budget for advocacy and other programme-related work.
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