We are pleased to introduce a series called Sesor Survivor Series and we will be doing special features on some of the resilient women we work with.
This is following our recently concluded 2nd economic empowerment programme cycle for 51 women in Lagos, in partnership with Grooming Centre, and the result is quite encouraging.
The empowerment programme, which was launched in 2016, has been more than productive as we have recorded outstanding success rates from 131 beneficiaries in Lagos and Maiduguri.

Having survived through the horrific terrorist attacks and communal clashes in the Northeast to seeking refuge in a host community in Lagos, their unwavering resilience has encouraged us to help them survive & thrive, and help them become more self-dependent through our empowerment programme.
Thanks to our partners, Grooming Centre and First City Monument Bank (FCMB) for enabling this.

We will be running the survivor series from mid August, and we will be sharing all the amazing success stories in details.

Speaking of partners, HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to our partner and supporter-in-chief, Grooming (People for Better Livelihood) Centre, on the grand opening of their micro finance bank last week. We were on hand to witness this historic moment for the Grooming family.

The bank, Grooming Micro Finance Bank Limited, will be starting its operations from Ibadan. We look forward to seeing it grow in leaps and bounds as it provides financial services to women at the grassroots.

Three hearty cheers to the Bank!!!

To support our work with the women and their families, kindly make donations into our STANBICIBTC acct – 0002888203 or GTB acct – 0170089727

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